Our selection of Spanish Cheeses have achieved global recognition for their taste and quality.

Of the twenty-three different cheeses that we offer, eleven have won medals at the World Cheese Awards, some having achieved the much coveted gold, silver and bronze medals.

2012 Super Gold Medal

2012 Bronze Medal

p-lligat-de-cabra p-FORMATGES-CAMPS P-tomato

2013 Bronze Medal

2013 Bronze Medal

p-cabrales p-idiazabal

Torta de Cabra

p-arzua ulloa

2013 Super Gold Medal

p-crisenberg p-sansimon p-torta

2013 Bronze Medal

Santa Gadea

2013 Silver Medal

p-gran-garet P-Robert-paprika

Manchego Artesano P.D.O.


2012 Gold Medal



p-torrmo p-puigpedros


2012 Gold Medal

p-garrtoxa p-lligat ovella


p-loBlanc p-millenium

Blau de Jutglar

p-blau de jotglar p-fines herbes

Cabra al Pebre Negre

p-Cabre al pebre

2012 Bronze Medal

Cor Naylat

p-Cor Naylat

Blanc de Sora


p-Blanc de Sora

Costa Roia


p-Costa Roia p-Olost oveja cabra oveja cabra cabra cabra oveja oveja cow cabra cabra oveja cabra cow cow cow cow cabra cabra cabra cabra cabra cow cow cow oveja oveja cabra cow oveja our cheese cabra SANTA-GADEA CAL-FORT DATURA cabra CARBONERA Torta-de-Cabra